Best Forex Academy in Nigeria

Forex trading has become a popular way to make money in Nigeria, and many people are looking for ways to learn how to do it. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck! There are plenty of places where you can learn forex trading in Nigeria. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best options available to you. So if you’re ready to start learning, keep reading!

In this definitive guide, we are going to discuss some of the most plausible ways to learn forex trading in Nigeria. Make sure you read to the end to learn of all the red flags that you should watch out when enrolling for a forex school in Nigeria. We’ve also included some incredible ways that you can use to learn forex trading absolutely free!

Our Criteria for the Best Forex Academy in Nigeria

Here are some of the criteria I’d use to gauge the best ones:

  1. Course Content and Structure: The best academies offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers the basics as well as advanced trading techniques. You’d want to ensure that the courses are well-organized, logically sequenced, and build upon previous lessons.
  2. Quality of Instructors: Look for academies with experienced instructors who have a track record in forex trading. Their real-world experiences can provide invaluable insights beyond textbook knowledge.
  3. Interactive Learning Opportunities: Active learning, such as live trading sessions, webinars, and Q&A sessions, can greatly enhance your understanding. The best academies often incorporate these into their programs.
  4. Support and Mentorship: Post-course support, mentorship programs, and community interaction can make a significant difference in your trading journey. An academy that offers these resources shows that they care about your long-term success.
  5. Reputation and Reviews: Search for testimonials, reviews, and ratings from previous students. This will give you an idea of the academy’s effectiveness and the satisfaction of its alumni.
  6. Certifications and Accreditations: Although forex trading doesn’t necessarily require formal certification, academies that offer recognized certifications can add to their credibility.
  7. Cost and Value: While price shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, you’d want to ensure that the academy offers good value for the money. The best academies offer a clear breakdown of what’s included in the fee and any additional costs.
  8. Accessibility and Platform: A user-friendly online platform or a mobile app can enhance the learning experience. You’d want to have easy access to the courses and materials anytime, anywhere.
  9. Updates and Continuing Education: The forex market is dynamic, and strategies can evolve over time. Academies that regularly update their content and offer continuing education opportunities show a commitment to staying current.
  10. Practical Experience: The best academies often have simulation platforms or demo accounts where you can practice trading without risking real money.
  11. Refund Policies and Guarantees: An academy that stands by its program might offer a satisfaction guarantee or a reasonable refund policy.
  12. Additional Resources: Look for academies that provide extra tools, such as trading software recommendations, analysis tools, or market news updates.
Best Forex Trading Schools in Nigeria
🏫 School Name🏙️ City
Habby Forex AcademyLagos
Oasis International SchoolAbuja
Aplus Forex Training HubUyo
Revglobal Forex AcademyLagos
Global Forex Trading InstituteSango Otta
ProTraders AcademyIkeja

Best Forex Trading Schools in Nigeria

There are a few reputable Forex trading schools in Nigeria that offer a variety of courses and programs to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced forex traders. Some of the best Forex trading schools in Nigeria include the following:

  1. Habby Forex Trading Academy
  2. Oasis International School
  3. Aplus Forex Training Hub
  4. Star Pips Academy
  5. Revglobal Forex Academy
  6. Global Forex Trading Institute
  7. ProTraders Academy

1. Habby Forex Academy

habby forex academy in Nigeria

Habby Forex Academy offers a variety of training options for individuals looking to improve their forex trading knowledge and skills. The academy has physical offices located in three Nigerian cities – Ikeja, Lekki, and Abuja – where students can attend in-person classes.

For those unable to attend the physical classes, the academy also offers online training options via Zoom.

The fee for physical classes is $400, while online training costs $600. The academy’s curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including technical analysis, risk management, and trading strategies, and is taught by Damilare Ogundare who is one of the most successful forex traders in Nigeria.

In both the physical and online classes offered by Habby Forex Academy, learners are provided with access to live trading sessions where they can learn from experienced traders in real time.

Additionally, pre-recorded sessions are also available for learners to review at their own pace. This allows for a flexible learning experience and the ability for learners to review material as often as necessary.

To further enhance their learning experience, the academy also includes a free month of premium trading signals. These signals provide valuable insights and analysis, helping learners to make informed trading decisions and improve their overall performance.

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2. Aplus Training Hub

how much does it cost to learn forex trading

The Aplus Training Hub is a comprehensive online education platform that offers a wide range of free forex trading courses.

These courses are designed and developed by Aniebiet Asanga, a highly experienced professional forex trader with over 6 years of industry experience. The platform offers a range of courses, including introductory beginner courses and advanced price action courses, catering to traders of all skill levels.

The modules of each course are conveniently made available on YouTube as playlists, making it easy for users to follow the lessons and progress through the course material at their own pace.

With its high-quality content, expert instructors, and user-friendly format, the Aplus Training Hub is a valuable resource for aspiring forex traders who would like to developing their trading skills without breaking the bank.

In addition to the comprehensive training courses offered by the Aplus Training Hub, Aniebiet Asanga also offers an innovative approach to learning, through a system called copy trading. This system allows interested forex traders to mirror the trades of a successful trader, with the potential to earn up to 20% profit.

Copy trading allows individuals to benefit from the expertise and experience of successful traders, without having to spend time and energy learning the ins and outs of the market themselves. This can be especially beneficial for beginners who are still learning the ropes of forex trading.

If you’d like to copy trades from more successful traders, LiteFinance is one of the top forex brokers that offers copy trading.

3. Star Pips Academy

Star Pips Academy uyo Nigeria

Star Pips Academy is a forex trading school located in Uyo, Nigeria. It aims to teach individuals the basics of forex trading. The academy’s training module is tailored for beginners and focuses on ensuring consistent profitability for its clients.

A unique aspect of this program is that all students receive free forex trading signals, which are normally valued at NGN 25,000 for non-students. These signals are intended to assist students in making profitable trades and can be accessed up to 8 times per day. Star Pips academy claims that these signals have a 90% success rate for its students, allowing them to earn while they learn.

It’s worth noting that while Star Pips academy claims a high accuracy rate of their signals, it’s important to understand that no trading signals or system can guarantee success. Past performance is not always indicative of future results and traders should always do their own research and use their own judgement when trading.

Overall, Star Pips Forex Academy seems to be a solid choice for beginners looking to learn the ins and outs of forex trading. With its tailored training module, free signals, and interactive community, it has the potential to be a valuable resource for those just starting out in the world of forex trading.

In addition to the training and signals, Star Pips also has an interactive community for its students. This community serves as a valuable resource for students to connect with one another and share their experiences and insights. It’s a great way for beginners to learn from the successes and mistakes of their peers.

4. Revglobal Forex Institute

Revglobal Institute is a forex trading school located in Lagos, Nigeria. Established in 2015, the Revglobal Forex Institute aims to provide education and training in the field of forex trading to individuals in Nigeria.

The organization claims that their program is designed to develop confident traders. However, it is important to note that it is up to the individual to evaluate the credibility and effectiveness of the program before making a decision to enroll.

It is also important to consider that there may be other options available in Lagos, and to conduct thorough research to determine the best fit for one’s learning needs and goals.

It offers a training course at a cost of Naira 155,000. The course is conducted in-person and consists of 15 sessions, each lasting 4 hours, held from Monday to Friday at their facility in Lagos.

5. Oasis international Forex School Lagos

oasis international forex school lagos

Oasis International Forex School is a training center located in Lagos, Nigeria that specializes in providing forex education. They claim to have a world-class training facility but there is limited information available about the academy and they do not currently have a website.

How Can I Learn Forex Trading in Nigeria?

The best way to learn forex trading in Nigeria is by finding a successful forex trader to mentor you.

There are successful forex traders like Uche Paragon who have started forex training academies in Nigeria. If you don’t mind paying the fee, enroll into one of these forex training academies in Lagos.

However, mentors are not the only way to learn forex trading in Nigeria. There are several other ways you can use to learn forex trading in Nigeria including:

1. Learning from YouTube Channels
2. Free forex e-books that you can download from websites such as pdfdrive
3. Free online forex courses offered by forex brokers
4. Paid online forex trading courses from some of the world’s best traders

How Much to Learn Forex in Nigeria?

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Forex in Nigeria?

It costs approximately $300 (115,000 Naira) to learn forex in Nigeria. This is assuming that you choose to learn forex from one of the many academies in the country.

If you think that the forex course price in Lagos is high, just consider the alternative. You could get into forex trading without training, invest about $1000 and lose all of it within a few weeks. If you can afford it, we highly recommend that you sign up with a forex mentor in Nigeria.

For those who honestly can’t afford to raise the forex course price, we suggest learning how to trade using free resources that are available all over the internet. There’s a free online course at BabyPips.Com that can get you started.

Also, professional forex traders including Adam Khoo and Ryner Teo have very informative videos on YouTube that you can use to learn.

The other way that you can use to learn forex trading in Nigeria without incurring any loses is by signing up for free online forex courses offered by forex brokers. One of the best free online courses is available at XM Forex.

Can I Teach Myself Forex Trading?

You don’t have to have a dual Ph.D. or be a rocket scientist to learn how to trade forex successfully in Nigeria. Some of the main ingredients are a burning desire to succeed and a lot of discipline.

Online forex trading does not need not be complicated, and in fact, it is not. However there are several reasons beginners believe that it is.

The most common reason why inexperienced forex traders in Nigeria believe so, is because of the hype surrounding online forex trading.. We’ve all seen the ads for the Forex trading systems that took many years to make and cost many millions of dollars and only by the top scientists.

Well, do not believe the hype. You can begin learning about Forex trading today and be a profitable trader much faster than you would believe.

If you are dedicated to learning how to trade forex, there’s only one point to keep in mind. Try not to be greedy and do not look at Forex trading as a make-money-quick scheme. If you can keep from rushing into things and be patient then you will be far ahead of many forex traders in Nigeria.

Best Places for Forex Training in Nigeria

There is tons of information to get you started. Here is a list of some places where you can learn about trading forex:

  1. Forex brokers — Some Forex brokers offer free educational material to their customers. A few have advanced courses as well.
  2. Forex trading books — When you have some free time go to a bookstore near you and look around at some of the Forex books that are available. You may also want to check out the link in the bottom for a website that offer free Forex ebooks.
  3. Forex forums — Forex forums can be a good place to get education on Forex trading. The good thing here is that there are many experienced traders ready to help. Some of the most common forex trading platforms include, ForexFactory, and
  4. Successful traders that you know — If you happen to know someone who is a successful Forex trader that would be the perfect person to point you in the right direction.
  5. Forex demo account — Using a demo account can be a fun and educational way to learn Forex. Demo accounts are available free from most every Forex broker.

Why Learn Forex Trading in Nigeria?

If you have had enough with your current nine to five job and you are sick of getting up at dawn just to sit in traffic, there are other alternatives. The best one has to be you learn forex trading in Nigeria.

However these alternatives require you to have a sharp mind and be a quick thinker, most importantly not letting your emotions get in the way. This alternative can be a full time job if you put the effort and research needed into it to be successful. I am talking about becoming a full time trader in the financial markets.

With any job you must dedicate your day to your research and not let your focus wander. Becoming a successful forex trader from home will eliminate the morning commute and the boss who might not like you, but it doesn’t mean you can slack off either. If you want to make money like you did previously you will have to start with the right positive attitude.

best place to learn forex trading in Nigeria

Since there are many financial markets to trade, your first decision is what market to devote your research and time to. I recommend you pick one and learn as much as possible about it. This makes it easier to learn the ins and outs, giving you a better chance at succeeding to make a living.

The main markets that most start to trade are the equities markets, the fixed income markets, the commodities markets, and the forex market.

Each market is different in its own unique ways; it’s up to you to decide what market you feel most comfortable trading in.

Keep in mind there are minimum deposits that each broker requires before you start to trade.

If you choose to trade equities or fixed income expect a larger minimum deposit. Equities brokers typically require $1000.00 for you to open a cash account and $2500.00 if you want to trade on margin. Margin allows you to trade with borrowed money so you can purchase more that what you cash balance allows.

If the initial deposit for an equities broker is too high, forex brokers require a much smaller deposit to start trading.

There are some forex brokers who will allow you to start trading with as little as a $25.00 deposit. This is not a lie; this small amount will fund a real live account that you can trade immediately. Not to mention the broker will allow you to leverage your position with the firm’s money so you can achieve a higher profit.

Of course if you have not used the broker’s Forex demo Account before trading, you will have a greater chance of losing your deposit and having to transfer more money into your account. It is advised that no matter what type of market or broker you choose to go with, that you trade on their demo account first.

If you can consistently make profits from the demo account then try and trade with real money using small positions. The people who end up losing all their initial deposits are those that gamble away their entire account into one stock or currency pair.

If you start small you have a better chance of making it to tomorrow. Once you start to take real profits and have a Trading system that works, then start adding in bigger positions.

Using stop limit and stop loss orders are the key to preserving capital. Do not let a losing position get out of hand. If you can learn to take small losses instead of big ones you can find success in trading for a living.

Top Places to Learn Forex Trading in Nigeria for Free

It is suicidal to attempt to invest in the online forex trading industry without first learning how to trade. Like every other profession, you need some skills in order to become a successful forex trader in Nigeria. But the biggest question for beginner trader remains where to learn forex trading in Nigeria.

With this in mind, we set out to find some of the best ways and places where you can learn how to trade forex.

1. Forex Broker Websites – Best Places to Learn Forex Trading in Nigeria

Top on our list of places where you can learn forex trading in Nigeria is getting training from a reputable forex broker. Believe it or not, most reputable forex brokers want you to succeed as a forex trader. And here’s why. The more you trade, the more the brokers earn money from commissions and spreads that they charge.

As a result, many forex brokers offer training in terms of full online courses, webinars, and seminars.

Learn Forex Trading at XM Forex

forex trading training in nigeria

We scoured the internet to find the brokers who have the best forex training modules on their websites, and XM Forex came highly recommended. It is one of the international forex brokers that take traders in Nigeria seriously.

XM Forex has an ever expanding catalogue of forex training material on their website. There are educational videos that are perfect for beginner traders, Live Education for guys who have already started training, and occasional seminars suited for all level of traders.

Learn Forex Trading With ForexTime in Abuja

ForexTime, an international award winning broker, just loves Abuja. The broker organizes training summits in the city at least several times in an year.

Their educational series has won fans all around Nigeria because of their practicality and informational value. Usually lasting for 3 days, most beginner traders come out of the summits fully equipped with the knowledge they need to start making money from forex trading.

Alpari Nigeria Forex Training

Alpari is another forex broker that has really stepped up on forex trade training in Nigeria. The broker has local offices in the Central Business District of Abuja. The local representatives at the office offer a wide range of forex training courses for new as well as experienced forex traders in Nigeria.

If you you’d rather not travel all the way to Abuja or if you prefer to learn online at the comfort of your home, there are other forex brokers who offer exemplary education too.

  1. CMTrading offers 4 forex ebooks that will take you from beginner to pro
  2. AvaTrade has a whole section on their website that’s dedicated to forex education
  3. XM Forex has the best offer on free forex education ever!

As you can see, there’s no shortage of education for someone that’s interested in learning how to trade forex.

But forex broker websites and offices are not the only place where you can learn how to trade forex. There are also multiple forex training schools in Nigeria; some in Lagos, others in Abuja, and others in Ibadan. Let’s look at the forex academies next.

2. Forex Trading Academy in Nigeria

You can also learn how to trade forex by enrolling in a forex trading school. In fact, there is no shortage of forex trade training institutes in Nigeria. These are training companies set up by successful forex traders who got into forex trading some years earlier, mastered a system and decided to help fellow Nigerians learn how to trade.

One word of caution though. Not all forex trading schools in Nigeria are legit. You’ll need to do your due diligence to ensure that you’re actually getting value for your money. If possible, let the trainers show you a track record of successful trading using their live trading accounts or MyFxBook.

Here’s a list of the best forex training schools in Nigeria:

  1. Oasis International School in Lagos
  2. Aplus Forex Training Hub
  3. Revglobal Forex Academy
  4. Global Forex Trading Institute
  5. ProTraders Academy based in Ikeja

In Lagos, the best place to learn forex trading is the OASIS International FOREX School. The academy is located at Allen Avenue in Ikeja. However, the school does not limit itself to Lagos alone. From time to time, the tutors hold classrooms in other cities including Abidjan and Port Harcourt. So, if you are looking for forex mentors in Lagos, be sure to give these guys a visit.

Aplus Training Hub is also an exceptional forex academy. The school teaches a simple price action trading strategy that is best suited for swing traders.

Another school that makes it on top of our best forex schools in Nigeria is the Revglobal Forex Academy.

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