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A guide to vibrators and selecting the right one for you

Vibrators are vibrating toys designed to deliver intense sensation through vibration. They can be battery or electricity powered with the electricity powered ones being more powerful. Vibrators may or may not be phallic shaped as some are not intended for insertion. Some vibrators are intended exclusively for clitoral or nipple stimulation. Vibrators are the most popular types of sex toys and have the most varied range of all.
The development of the vibrator is traced back to the mid 18th century, during the Victorian times. It was originally developed as a medical contraption to treat a certain psychological disorder in women, known at that time as “hysteria”. Symptoms of hysteria includes irritability, stress, anxiety and other emotionally disturbing behaviors. It was believed that the disorder could be treated by bringing the women to orgasm. The prescribed treatment would involve the doctor gently massaging the patient’s clitoris until she reached orgasm. Although this seemed to be effective, it was a slow and time consuming process. That was when the vibrator was invented, to relieve the doctor from the manual chores of the process.

However, the first vibrators didn’t seem like vibrators at all. They started out as strange devices such as water powered jets, gasoline powered vibrating tables, jolting chairs, and other strange steam and air powered vibrating devices. However, it was generally accepted that the first successful vibrators were steam powered and that they were effective devices in bringing women to orgasm.

Since then, fascination and interest in this medical device caught on and it began to be used by more than just doctors for treating their patients. Eventually the patients themselves could use the vibrators and a visit to the doctor was no longer necessary. And so it began, and by the early 19th century, vibrators were being introduced in more varieties and were featured in blue movies and erotic magazines. They were advertised as “relaxation devices”. By the 1940s, they were termed as “marital aids”, and in 1960s, they were advertised as “massagers. Today, we have vibrators such as the Pocket Rocket vibrator. And not only that. Vibrators comes in so many shapes, sizes, and functions, they are the most varied and the most popular of sex toys. There is the vibrating dildos, vibrating eggs, vibrating undies, vibrating gloves, hands free and remote control, and even vibrators for men and much, much more.

Types of Vibrators

Battery vs Electricity powered

Vibrators fall into two main categories, battery and electricity powered. Battery powered models are generally less powerful than their electricity counterparts, but they still can pack a decent punch to send you over the edge. What they give up in power, they make up for in variety, mobility, size, travel friendly, less expensive, and some are even waterproof. Some battery vibrators can take in attachments to change their shape or size, but most are usually designed for specific stimulation, such as clitoral or penetration.

The disadvantage of battery powered is that they are sometimes known to die out on you, especially when the batteries are not fully charged or has weak contact points. With fully charged batteries, you should be able to run it for 40 minutes straight, so be sure to keep spare batteries handy for extended foreplay. Nothing is more annoying than your little vibe running out of juice at critical times. Electricity powered vibrators have the advantage of delivering more power and besides, they are sturdily made and they last for many, many years. Certain models can take in attachments making them adaptable for different type of stimulations.

Hand Wands

Electricity powered vibrators such as this popular Hitachi hand wand are also commonly referred to as Magic wands. Categorized as electrical massagers in department stores, these handy devices are built to last with full manufacturer warranty and delivers strong powerful vibrations. This means they can also be used on other parts of your body, such as your aching back or shoulders. Hand wands consists of a handle rod with a vibrating head, varying in size of a golf or tennis ball.

Hitachi Magic Wand

By itself, it’s not designed for insertion, but with various attachments, it can be used for G spot or penetration stimulation. Attachments range from smooth to semi realistic to G-spot seekers. Certain models come with adjustable frequencies, rechargeable batteries for cordless operations and even silent mode.

Hand Massagers

A different type of massager, this vibrator is worn on the hands. Ever dreamed of turning your fingers and palms into a fleshy vibrator? Then this is for you. Some are worn at the back of your hands or at the end of your fingertips. They come in both battery or electricity powered models. Battery powered ones may be worn with gloves making it waterproof for bathtub play.

Double Penetrators

Double penetrators are both vaginal and anal stimulators in a single device. Some even come with clitoral stimulators. These consists of two vibrating heads spaced optimally for vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, color and materials. They can be electricity or battery powered or even remote controlled.

Bullet Vibrators

Sometimes referred as love eggs, bullet vibrators are small egg shaped vibrators which are ideal for clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Some models can be inserted, although they were not primarily designed for insertion. They can be used alone or together with non vibrating toys such dildos for both clitoral and penetration stimulation. Vibration is controlled by a hand held device attached by a cord. Bullet vibrators are extremely compact and travel friendly. Some models even come with remote control, waterproof or even double bullets.

Classic Vibrators

Essentially a vibrating dildo, these are penetrative vibes with choices of shapes, sizes, color, texture, and much more. They can be smooth or realistic with lengths between 4 to 8 inches long. Vibration is controlled by a twisting knob at the base which is either multi speed or variable speed. They are great for clitoral or vaginal penetration. For G-spot stimulation, the shaft is bended at the end so you can easily reach your G spot. Men may also use G-Spot seekers for prostate stimulation. See classic vibrators here.

Pocket Vibrators

Also commonly referred as Pocket Rocket or Mini massagers, these are extremely compact but powerful vibrators for women on the go. Fits easily in the palm of your hand, they can take in attachments and some are even waterproof.

Butterfly Vibrators

These vibrators are discreet and can be used outdoors. Shaped like butterflies, these strap on vibrators delivers intense stimulation to the clitoris. The wings are soft and provide added stimulation to the genitals. Vibration is controlled by a hand held device and can be worn over clothing.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are the most popular sex toys and the cream of the crop when it comes to stimulation zones. They consist of several vibrators for multi zone stimulation.

The phallic shaft rotates and/or vibrates at the same time, with a little vibrating rabbit for clitoral stimulation and a rotating beaded base which stimulates the vaginal lips.

Variable speed, motion and intensity is controlled by a hand held device for incredible sensations. The vibrating rabbit can be substituted with other animals like beavers, dolphins, panthers, or other animals. Check to ensure the length of the shaft is not too long to prevent you from effectively using the clitoral stimulator.

Vibrating Undies

Vibrating undies are special undies with a compartment sewn in front to hold a multi speed egg vibrator. They come in a choice of designs, color and material as with regular panties. With remote control, certain models are quiet enough to be used in public.

Nipple Exciters, Clitoral/Penis Pumps

Specialized vibrating mouth intended to stimulate the breasts or nipples. Can also be used for clitoral or penis stimulation. They deliver tongue licking, flicking and sucking (as in oral sex) sensations when used over erogenous zones. The most common is the nipple teaser, clit kisser or pussy pleaser. These are very popular sex toys after the Rabbit Vibrator range.

Vibrator Sleeves

Sleeves are attachments made of rubber, jelly, silicone or cyberskin which can be placed over classic vibrators to offer a variety of experience. Some of the variations include shapes, sizes, textures, or modifications for anal use. Sleeves are usually sold as separate kits.

For men

Vibrators for men are commonly integrated with other sex toys such as love dolls, cock rings, butt plugs and penis pumps. There is also the triple stimulator which consists of a cock ring, a vibrating dildo beneath it and another vibrator above the cock ring. It is worn by a man during intercourse, which essentially gives the man two organs.

While the penis is inserted into the vagina, the dildo beneath is used for anal play and the vibrator above provides clitoral stimulation. It takes quite a feat to master, but it is for the man who wants to deliver everything all at once.


The variety of vibrators is huge with so many options. Other than the main types we described, other options which accessorize vibrators includes color changing with heat, self lubricating vibrators, rechargeable, silent vibrators, waterproof, inflatable vibrators (expands with air), and much, much more.

Choosing Vibrators

First off, before we get into choosing vibrators, it is very important that vibrators are used with lots of lube. Using without proper lubricants can cause painful burns later on. Initially you may not feel it while using the vibrator, but the burns come in after. Ever had a sunburn before? The you know the effect comes in only later.

Okay, back on topic. Sex toys are very much a personal preference and we present a few considerations to aid in your choices :-

Erogenous zones

Start by asking yourself which sensation stimulates you the most. Do you prefer clitoral stimulation, G spot, vaginal or anal insertion? Some women prefer the fullness of a penetration while some require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Knowing which sensation excites you the most will aid in your choice of vibrators.

There are plenty of vibrators for clitoral stimulation, but the hand wands, rabbit vibrators or bullet vibes make good starting choices. For G spot stimulation, these are phallic shaped with a curved end. If you prefer penetrative stimulation, consider the choices available in the classic vibrator range. For anal penetration, make sure that you get a flanged base or one that is attached with a string because it is very easy for the toy to get sucked in during anal play.

The hand wands have the edge with versatility. With multiple attachments they can be used externally or for penetration. Some like the AcuVibe are dual powered, either by electricity or rechargeable batteries.


Next you need to consider noise. Some vibrators can be a bit noisy. You wouldn’t want to arouse your neighbors or housemates, do you? For outdoor use such as the vibrating undies, the noise level has to be even lower. Noise level is normally described on the product itself. The Wahl 7-in-1 uses an electromagnet coil instead of a motor and it is one of the quietest vibrators around.

Vibrators for solo or partner play?

Would you be the only one controlling it or would you like your man to flicker with the switches for added fun? There is the wireless remote control for partner play.

Vibration Intensity

We recommend you choose variable speed vibrators. Not only for the function, but because your level of arousal will change as you get used to the vibration intensity. What feels good today may not excite you in future.

Also a note on vibration intensity. If a vibe feels too intense for you, try using it with your panties or over a piece of soft cloth. A powerful vibrator such as the hand wand can be held against a non vibrating toy such as a dildo to give you mild vibrations.


For women on go, the mini massagers or bullet vibrators are highly portable. Pocket Rocket vibrators is one such example which fits snugly into the palm of your hand. If you’re planning to leave your toy at home, then consider if you want to use it in the bathtub. The Hawaiian Vibrators are waterproof and suitable for bathtub play.


Everybody has a personal taste when it comes to color, shapes, sizes, texture, studded or smooth and elongated. Materials like cyberskin or ultraskin delivers a high level of realism. Choose from a variety of features.

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