Investing in Nigerian tech startups


  • Alex Bosh

    Alex Bosh

    Alex Bosh has partnered with Airtel to offer phone swaps through their online platform: Customers can trade in their old phones for new at Airtel stores in Lagos and throughout Nigeria soon!

  • DavtonLearn


    DavtonLearn is an online video learning platform for professional certifications. Customers can prepare for their qualifications from the comfort of their home by watching experts on video and using online learning materials.

  • Jay Osbie

    Jay Osbie

    Jay Osbie is an online brand and retailer for fashion-forward men. The site offers a range of products from casual styles to traditional wear, styled up and re-thought for the modern Nigerian man. Watch them pitch

  • Ella


    Ella, previously Ella Matthew, is an online fashion label for women looking for fabulous and accessible fashion. Ella provides a convenient solution, instant gratification, and variety in fashion for Nigeria's growing middle class. Watch them pitch

  • have developed mobile apps that help students prepare for Nigeria’s most important admission examination, JAMB. The solution simulates the exam electronically, and tracks your progress. They have released apps for every mobile device and is also available offline. Watch them pitch

  • Gingerbox


    Jaramall pivoted to Gingerbox and aims to energize Nigerians by bringing daily supplies of the freshest of fruits and vegetables straight from farms into urban businesses and homes; helping to solve the growing need for healthy eating in Nigeria. Receive fresh produce straight to your door. Watch them pitch

  • Fuelvoucher


    Fuelvoucher is rethinking how fleet and car owners monitor the amount of money spent on fuelling their cars. They have created a solution that allows drivers to pay for fuel with digital vouchers, providing oversight to how drivers spend fuel cash, and taking away the need for owners to handle large amounts of cash. Watch them pitch

  • Youngsoul


    Youngsoul have built VirtualClass, a digital teaching and learning aid, designed to assist computer teachers with providing their pupils with a deeper understanding of Computer Sciences. The software contains animated videos, tests and simulations mapped to every topic of the WAEC curriculum, as well as collaboration tools. Watch them pitch

  • Prayerbox


    Prayerbox, is a platform connecting spiritual and religious communities. In times of difficulty, many Nigerians’ first source of help is prayer and inspiration from their pastors. They help bring you closer to your community, share prayers and testimonies, stay updated on church events, and facilitate tithe payments. Watch them pitch

  • Tajà


    Tajá helps Nigerian businesses overcome the challenges of manual product updates and monitoring of inventory. They have developed a smooth cloud-based retail platform that runs on tablets, and makes it easier for businesses to track inventory and handle sales. Watch them pitch