Odd Trick Kills Erectile Dysfunction and Other ED Myths You Should Know

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is in its broadest term, the inability to either get, or keep an erection long enough to have intercourse.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Happen?

odd trick kills erectile dysfunction


The penis is made up of a sequence of chambers containing spongy tissue called the Corpova Cavernosa, when a man becomes sexually aroused, the brain sends signals to the muscles in the corpova cavernosa causing them to dilate or relax which allows blood to flow into the penis, this fills the tissues, causing the penis to expand. A membrane known as the Tunica Albuginea then holds the blood in the penis resulting in an erection.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when the muscles either fail to relax or contract early reducing or stopping the blood flow altogether.

It is hard to accurately pinpoint just how many men suffer from ED, but it is estimated to range from 22% of men up to the age of 40 and 49% of men over 70. The exact figure is hard to record because so many men simply ignore the problem or out of embarrassment, fail to seek medical help or guidance.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

ED can be caused by many factors, some physical such as injury, certain medications as well as diseases including diabetes, kidney or heart disease along with alcoholism account for up to 70% of all cases in older men

Especially in younger men, the causes are more likely to be psychological; stress, depression, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem are all recognized causes of erection problems, fear of sexual failure is a big problem with the younger man, especially with a new partner and on its own accounts for 20% of all cases. Smoking and drinking is also a big factor as they can both affect the blood flow to the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction can be treated in many ways; the treatment will largely depend on the cause.



The best-known drug is Viagra, only available legally by doctors prescription, it works by increasing the levels of nitric oxide which helps to relax the muscles in the penis, allowing blood to flow into the penis to produce a functioning erection.

Viagra, however, is not suitable for all and has been linked with some quite nasty side effects – some potentially life-threatening. The other issue with Viagra is the fact that it takes up to 2 hours to take effect; this amongst other things spoils the spontaneity of sex.

There are, however, some highly natural effective pills and gels that work in exactly the same way as Viagra, but often quicker and generally without any health risks.

Vacuum Pumps


The fastest and most effective way of bringing on a long-lasting, firm erection is by using a penis vacuum pump.

These are simple to use and fast to work, being drug-free, they provide no real risk to health if used as directed. Erections gained by using a vacuum pump are generally visibly longer and often last longer, allowing for improved sexual enjoyment and performance.

How Does A Vacuum Pump Work

A vacuum pump is a balloon-shaped device, there are kinds that work in air, and others that use water; it is the water-based pumps that are considered the most effective tricks for killing erectile dysfunction. The device is filled with water and then placed over the penis, there is a rubber seal that makes contact with the groin to form a seal.

The device is pumped up and down which expels some of the water along with air, this generates a vacuum within the device. The vacuum forces an increased amount of blood to be drawn into the penis, this results in a firm erection.

The remaining water in the device helps to support and protect the penis during the process.

An erection gained by using a vacuum pump is generally harder and longer-lasting, the extra amount of blood in the penis will also make the erection appear visibly longer and thicker – something both the user and his partner will enjoy. Results only usually take 2-3 minutes to achieve – retaining the spontaneity of sex

Initially, the increased size will revert back to normal as the erection subsides, but with regular use, it has been proven that a permanent increase in size, both flaccid and erect is possible.

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