What Are The Best Sex Toys for Men

Cock Rings

Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis shaft and sometimes encircle the testicles as well. They work by limiting blood flow out from the penis during an erection and thus creating a longer, harder, erection. Many men also find the sensations of tightness and tension around the base of the penis pleasurable and delivers more intense orgasms. Some variants are attached with vibrating or non-vibrating ticklers to stimulate the testicles or clitoris during lovemaking.

Cock rings made of solid steel are worn and removed when the penis is flaccid. Others have an elastic or snap on strap for easy removal. To prevent injury to the sensitive penis tissues, avoid using too tight cock rings or for any period more than 20 minutes at a time.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are cylindrical shaped and slipped over the penis shaft. A hand pump is used to create vacuum around the penis. Blood is drawn into the penis, thus enlarging it temporarily. Penis pumps have since been replaced with Viagra, but they are still used to create a blowjob sensation and are great for masturbating.

Cock & Ball Spreaders

Cock and ball spreader is essentially a cock ring with a testicle strap. The cock ring is worn over the penis shaft while the harness straps around the testicles to lift or separate it. It creates a pulling or tugging sensation around the testicles while the cock ring provides for prolonged erection.

The ball spreaders are usually strapped on and some even comes with weights for a heavier pull. These are used for enhanced orgasms and are popular as bondage toys. A penis harness or sheath is used in place of a cock ring for bondage play. Ball spreaders are also referred to as ball stretchers.

Penis Extensions

Penis extensions are hollow sleeves placed over the penis to increase the length or girth of a penis. Used to increase pleasure for your partner, extenders increase the length by one to three inches while thickeners have a variety of bumpy patterns for creating different sensations. Thickeners leave the penis head exposed and gradually thickens towards the base. Choose from a variety of materials including cyberskin, latex, silicone or even vibrating options.

Love dolls

Love dolls are inflatable lifelike dolls molded over actual porn stars. Choose from a variety of options including blow jobs, vagina-anus combo, realistic breasts and vibrating models. Quality varies, so it’s worth it to pay a bit more for quality. A popular love doll is the Alexa’s Vibrating Love Doll


There are several different types ranging from hollow sleeves to realistic mouths and vaginas. The sleeve type creates different sensations allowing you to vary the intensity. A popular sleeve masturbator is the pocket pal. The realistic mouth is a simple hollow tube shaped like a mouth designed to simulate a blowjob. They can be male or female replicas. Realistic vaginas are molded over actual real life porn star privates. These are made from cyberskin, latex, or rubber, realistically hand painted to simulate what it would be like to have sex with a porn star. Some models come with vagina-anus and vibrator combo. See samples of Masturbators

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